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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Old friends

hey dear old friends, i miss you, i miss our memory, i miss our evil plan, i miss our conversation. i miss when u still calling me by that name! "Tipah" and when u sing that song for me.

i'm always waiting for u coming back from school, u might not know =/

we always play together, sing together, tease each other. laugh together. we are friends.

i miss the old us. one for all, all for one. 
i hate the new u! u forget me. u watch me like i'm a stranger! 

and i'm scared. scared if u hate me. there's a gap between us. we can watch each other, but we never talk,, silent. no more friends, no more story, no more laugh. no more conversation. i've known u since i'm a small baby,, we live together when we still a child. but now, since u have move to this flat, we are just like a stranger. we never talk,, i think   for 10 YEARS! and it hurts me everytime i saw u smoking. i want to stop but who am i? just a stranger ='(

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