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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


hello brother brother sekalian. life ni kadang2 exciting kadang2 thrill sangat kadang2 rasa useless kadang2 kita terfikir hidup ni untuk apa sebenarnya. but actually aku bukan nak cakap pasal life tapi adalah sikit kaitan.. life aku..

when it comes about love malu sebenarnya nak citer huahuahua.. lagi2 kecik lagi baru sixteen dah sibuk nk bercinta. apa sia.. and like i care? ;) huh.
its complicated.. because im in love with my bestfriend. and im damn scare if he know bout it. and i bet he already know just not so sure. but he already in love with someone and i dont know what to do..
gosh!! im scare of losing him. i just cant lah beb. its really complicated. his love story already complicated and if combine with mine its gonna be super complicated.

i just wanna see he calling my name smile and laugh with me and wave his hand at me and so onnn i just love him just the way he are. i cant see when he sick and badmood or in trouble i will.. its like im in his shoes. .

but.. i can feel something wrong somewhere.. its like i kill my own friend and i bear all the sin and i can feel like im a criminal  just because am i a backstabber? not right? its killing me! all the fear.. fear of losing him fear of others perception and fear of my ownself! im not strong enough.. im a coward, chicken! i just dont have the guts to be honest with him.
lot of them support me and ask me to confess but its not easy. i might loss him forever i just cant take it.. enough i think.. all out.. thanks for all.
im strong on the surface,
not all the way through.
-leave out all the rest- linkin park

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