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Saturday, 6 February 2016

The one im scare to lose


Everyone have someone they close. The one they wish will always be by theirside. Same goes to me. I have one and one.friendship did play their roll very well in my life.
I love him. As a friend i really love him. Thus we keep each other in a friendzone. Once i imagined he die. Without a second my tear drop. I can't. Just can't. I need him by my side. As a friend, motivator, diary and more. Whn i talk to him, i feel ease. I can share lot of thing without worry if he will spread to others because i believe him.
Honestly say, most of the time he is annoying. Hell yeah i dont care. Once he close with his classmate. A girl. Im scared. Damn scare. Scared of losing him even if he just in front of me. Because this fear is hard to handle. But then i just let them. Sometime i wanna say something to him, but when i saw they are talking together ill just walk away. I have no right to stop. And if he happy then why not just let them. Day passed. They close. Most night they go through wechat. Yeah, i wanna say something to him, but i just cancelled my message when i saw the girl kept on typing because i know, they were chatting together. Im kind of sad. I just kept it in myself and this is the first time im being honest. Seriously tho, it did hurts me. But i remind myself that we are just friend and we have limit, you have no right to stop him from doing anything. Yeah.. until the school end. But praise to god we are back to normal.. hip hip hoorey!!

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