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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

ragu ragu

salam and hye dear readers.. lamakn tak update,, sebab malas and phone kecik sangat =3

soo.. ive done my spm with such a worst result which really frustrate me,, just 6a3b (4a+, 1a, 1a-,2b+.1b). some will say that such a wonderful and i should be happy.. yup.. still kinda sad even have expected this kind of result but still hope can get straight a. bcoz that is what i get for upsr and pmr. 
so,, my future plan???

few days before i went to school and met my math teacher, she suggest me to take actuarial sc, which can make me escape from those phy, chem and bio. i really want to avoid this three subject. yes, my warden consider b is ok and i still can cope with those subject, but i dont want to risk my future by taking the worst subject in my life, it is better to focus on math and addmath as i get good grade for both subject right? but still confuse because when i see the career is limited, what i mean is they said malaysia do not need many actuarial, only big company will need actuarial. and then, to be an actuarial, we need to take the exam which is about 8-12 paper if im not mistaken, and it cost 300+ for each paper, im not sure but it is cosy and i dont think i can afford it without scholarship T.T so sad.. 

but my first choice in upu is sc math. can be a teacher, lecturer, acountant and finance, perhaps,, dont know = =' have search about the u, uitm arau, perlis. i dont KNOW!!! my friends wanna us study together in uia,, and we need to study arabic, but when i think again, arabic might be a pressure to me next day.. so i put it as seventh choice, huhu. kalau dayah and razan tahu mati aku, T,T..

lantaklah,, apapun dapat terima je lah,, yang penting study!

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