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Saturday, 2 April 2016

The one

Kenapa the one? Sebab kak flora and kak yaya dah habis practical and left me with the others boys.. Well idin hayat luqman the cutie amirul abg nizam and two newbie lulll wan and farhan. Still in process to break the ice huhu. Okey seriously I don't know what gonna happen when I'm the only one lady in this food and beverage department. I'm still learning to handle all the work and sometime annoyed with idin because he keep asking me to in charge and I was like, I'm still new here and I'm not like u already has diploma or luqman taking sijil urghh. Kind of stress with his childish attitude sometime. And now the cutie amirul keep teasing me with hayat lolllll. But he is cute bhahah. And I always hide his helmet or key or purse hahah simply don't want he go home early. He is such a patient boy.
Soo what will happen now?? Without them and I'm the only one lady and work like a man, can build up my muscle u know hahah. Serious dho it is not easy to work, I'm begin lazy to work and I really2 wish can study as soon as possible. The only thing I love about my work is money, salary and some tips perhaps. But I learn a lot here. Included the way to make coffee and tea with the big uncang xD . and make a milkshake or even cordial for 100++ person and don't be so naive, be talkative.
Yup im talkative than in class. Well I try to be myself and say what I want to say without considering their heart. people always want us to care about their feeling but forget others, stupid aite.! So here I use my three month and two other month to get used with people and manage my communication skills.
Thanks for all the experience for all the happiness and frustration!

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