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Thursday, 28 July 2016

bad week

hey Kfah!!!
hahahah lamanya tak update!!! XD
ok.. lately ni busy ngan homework semua what so ever. and my math, Suck!
dont know whats my problem, but this week quite terrible.
no call from him no whatsapp, dont know why. just go to hell, i dont care. one and only thing i do care is just my result. KHALIFAH!!!! studylah betul2!! 
last nigt, after stalk his twitter, suddenly i dont know what i feel, it is confusing. i dont know either im sad or frust or what so ever, but yeah,, nearly cried. but suddeny botak wechat aku T T nak nangis,, terharunya,,, botak tegur aku dulu wei,, kau ingat senang?? hahahh tak tahulah,, tapi kau memanglah botak, the bestfriend ever!!!! sayang kau sangat sangat. selain dari perangai kau yang senget tunggul batu tiang kayu tu, seriously as a friend love ya

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