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Thursday, 4 April 2013

secret ;-)


when we talk about secrets, it's mean, no body should know about it. we need to keep it tightly and don't tell others that should not know about it. 
but, what usually happen,, when someone told us about the secret,, others  will say
 -"kay fine, macam ni kau er, dengan aku pun nak berahsia"
and what u fell? what u will do? for me, as long as i can keep that's secret, i'll keep it. because when someone told a secret to us,, it means they trust us to keep it! "trust!" hey friends, it's not easy to make others trust us to keep they secret. 
what i want to remind u is:
~friend is friend 
~secret is trust
when u can't be trust, i don't think u will have a friend ^^'
okay?? u can understand now why sometime others do not tell u their secret? because it not easy for people to trust us. not everything we need to know.
sometime we need to pretend like we know nothing, although the fact we know everything. 
and that's what we call secret~

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