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Sunday, 21 October 2018

join navy and see the world

Assalammualaikum ladies and gentlemen.
lama gila aku tak update sini, faham2 sendirilah busy kan. 

i'm proud of myself for being strong enough to join navy and face all those hardship, hell and high water. i'll never regret join navy and in fact it fun and everyone should experience it.

however, if one day i quit, just know that, ill never regret for quitting also :)

life could be exciting, but sometime it torture you.
physically im strong enough for all that, mentally im not.

tunggu masa je aku ni nak kb. settle tanggungjawab aku, kb lah manusia ini. aku dah tawar hati.
orang yang dah tawar hati takkan berat hati. 

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